Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hump Day tee hee- or Wednesday Night's Dinner

I bet I've got your eye now! I like Wednesday because you're almost over the hump of the week!
Today was very disgusting out I worked mostly outside watering plants, trimming bushes etc. We splurged last night and ordered fried rice & general tso's tofu. I couldn't stand the thought of cooking in the heat.
So guess what we're having tonight?! Yay for leftovers!

We received a package from the Letterman show with some tee shirts in it. A while back we had sent Dave a kids shirt for his son.. of baron von ruffhausen- because Dave had mentioned he and his son were "roughousing" and he hurt his nose. Anywho- his assistant contacted us and said Dave loved the shirt! How exciting! So we got a little package of tees from him! The men in my family will be thrilled! I think I might make myself something other than a t-shirt.

Tonight we need to load the car full of our inventory, mannequin, clothes rack ( which we now have 2 of..because we forgot ours last PROM show- so we stopped at IKEA on RT 95 in Conneticuit to pick up a nutter) I haven't had any coffee today and really want some- but I know I'll just be up all night and need to be at work tomorrow. So Alas.. I'll have chocolate silk milk- with ice which is soo good. Zach's aunt taught me how to make a egg cream. I had no idea what was in it. Now I make them all the time with chocomilk. Wow it is really so easy to fall of track. In addition to th 3 rubbermaids we have full of stuff, I also have a large bag of fabrics for things I am going to make once we get to Westerly as well as my sewing machine, 2 tables 2 chairs etc. We'll be house & kitty sitting while we are there. Zach will get to see an early showing for press and the "in dorks" as we say of Transformers. I'll be sewing away playing with the cats and sucking up all the channels his mom's house can offer lol- guilty pleasure!

I need to remember to update our etsy shop as well- and figure out our Thursday Self- portrait pic. I wish we could get the 4 of us on the couch- but jasper is a huge fatty that squirms like a freak of nature if you even pretend to pick him up.

Well I should get back to loading the car. If you are going to be in or around Providence this weekend, stop by and see us :

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

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