Saturday, June 2, 2007


So much going on~ making making making. The plants are doing well in the yard. We were informed a new couple will be moving in downstairs. How exciting. I can't believe on June 24 it will be our 1 year Wedding Anniversary! Time really has flown by it amazes me. We also just had our Etsyversary- on May 31st and missed it!

For the first anniversary I think it is paper. We were thinking about what we'd like to get for each other or what collectively we need. An ipod is on the list as is a subscription to Netflix. Technically netflix arrives in paper.. right? So maybe that will count.

Tonight I listed a new bag, Eyes on the Prize Tote. Tomorrow Mo comes into town for Brigette's get together.

The gears are in motion for new tee designs. I have a few as does Zach. I'd love to start screenprinting, but at this point we have such limited space. Although we could probably do it in the backyard.

Something to think about.

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