Sunday, June 3, 2007


This morning I caught a little more of A Prairie Home Companion, one of my favorite NPR shows. They were reporting from a Rubarb convention of sorts or so they stated~ I need to pick up some more rhubarb to make a crumble. Then I went to lunch with the ladies in Brigette's bridal party. Most of us ordered eggplant rollatini- which was pretty good. Mo and I wanted to drink the balsamic vinagrette served to us with our salads, it was so good! No dessert, just a cappuccino which was delicious.

Then a stop at the Suffern library, which aways has the best books- and was able to pick up Denyse Schmidt's quilting book among others.

Last night I started a craft- show or gardening apron from some vintage fabric linen with colorful flowers we picked up from
Rocket to Mars last summer. Then I added some pieces I ordered from Fabric Stash

Here is a pic of the apron in progress..

We also rearranged the living room- pretty much the same way it was- but just flipped it on the other wall. We don't have many choices in such a small hobbit-like dwelling.Hopefully it doesn't disturb the kitties too much.

So much todo. Work tomorrow~ Oh how I enjoy my Mondays off- but I needed to make up for my days later in the week.

Till tomorrow xo

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