Saturday, June 16, 2007


Some of my crazy plates!

The cats fighting on the shower curtain my mom gave me- which was altering and pinning on the living room floor- just when the kitties decided to go to war!

We woke around 10 late for me! We hit up a bunch of tag sales. I found a few awesome pieces of fabric and a wonderful vintage halterdress. I will admit it is a lil tight in the ribcage.. but my loving husband adores it. ( It's actually a rule in marriage I think guys have to say that).

I also found a great vintage piece of Tupperware, my big sister use to sell Tupperware so I was happy to have this in my own kitchen. In addition to the Tupperware I bought 2 small matching pieces of Pyrex. There are small pink leaves and one has a lid. My mom has some wonderful pieces, she recently gave me a large vintage plate with flowers.

Lastly I bought a vintage sewing box. Zach didn't find anything, ever since he hit the biggest & best tag sale in May.. he's been chasing the dragon every weekend. Chasing the haunt of a sale that has almost new Star Wars, Mego etc for his collections. Poor baby!

I made some brown-rice pudding with slivers of almonds from Where it All Vegan, one of my favorite cookbooks. This week I am trying to eat lactose/dairy free. My doctor, who I am not really very happy with right now has told me to keep up with my medication and try to eliminate dairy to see if that helps. I don't have Celiac Disease the blood tests came back negative, but I think I want a second opinion, because he is not ver forth coming with information. Anywhoo- After one of my girlfriend's shower tomorrow- we are going to my brother's house for a little Father's Day Celebration. We made my dad a tee shirt with a picture of his old 1939( which he traded in for a 1953 Plymouth and wrote FORD VS PLYMOUTH. My dad is a big car buff we hope he likes it!

I'll post photos later!

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