Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday- My Hubbie's Birthday!

I thought I was feeling better- but the trash can has a different story. Up today since about 6:30. I laughed at the thought of Zach getting to work and seeing a million screaming girls & women due to the New Kids on The Block concert at Rockefeller plaza. So I warned him by text. It is his birthday, I suppose I could have lied and told him they were all there for him. Although he would have picked up on the signs.

My new favorite obsession is Stonyfield Farm's yogurt drinks. I tried eating the Yo Mommy yogurt despite the non-vegetarian fish oil added. I figured if I was going to cheat in my 10+ years of being a veggie I would cheat for the thought of aiding in my pregnancy. But then all I could think of was the fish oil. So needless to say they're still in the fridge. However Stonyfield's smoothie yogurt drinks are vegetarian and I've found vanilla to be my most favorite.

Well last night was a good, yet disappointing night of TV. Of course the Office was one let down. Don't get me wrong it was damn hysterical- I'm referring to the Jim/Pam lack of engagement! C'mon Andy & Angela? I hate Angela w/ a passion. The fact that Phyllis now has something to hold over her head was worth seeing Dwight's pasty- pale naked back. Amy Ryan was awesome- we debated for the first 5 minutes if it was her, after seeing Gone Baby Gone last week- I knew it! Has Michael met his match? I hope so- then What is the deal w/ Jan and her bun? Crazy stuff!
Lost was a bittersweet cliffhanger- but what else is new?

Yesterday I started creating a new Hobocamp table sign. I made it like a pennant. The fabric is cut into rectangles w/ pinking shears along with felt letters a birdie and our bindlestiff.

It still needs to be sewn together with a piece of fabric on top connecting them.I used 5 different fabric designs that I liked together~ The sign will say "Hobocamp" straight across- our coffee table is a bit small- so I had to double stack it. I think I'll get some muslin to go over the tables under the sign.

Well time to get to it. Have a great weekend!

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