Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh MY Wednesday!

The Sale at Button Chops is Still On!!

I can't even believe it is Wednesday! Damn that day off- it threw me for a loop! We had a pretty laid-back Memorial Day. A little packing, a little BBQ and a little Top Chef marathon action.It was nice to have Z home for an extra day though.

We here at Hobocamp HQ- (we being me and my unborn child) have been feverishly working on our inventory for our upcoming Providence show this weekend. There are still so many pieces that need a little stitch here or a little roll of the fuzzy brush. I made a stop for some more larger onesies- since all of the appliqued onesies we have are between 0-12 months. So we got 18 months and I need to start coming up with something to applique and in less than 2 days!

This weekend I got a text from Suzie over at Suzie's Bride Blog about a great sale Old Navy was having in NJ, especially maternity. So being the sale-lover I am and outgrowing my clothes fast I headed down to Paramus. Once there I realized they didn't have a huge selection so I trotted down to Garden State Old Navy and found a few inexpensive pieces that I think will last for awhile.(op0-------------------------------9)sorry Jasper stepped on the keyboard.. so I left it for you all to see the badness in our house!

On the way home I found the Anthropologie and had to step in. I've shopped on line- but have only been in the shop once or twice. The stuff is great and summery, but I made my way to the Sale section and found 2 pretty, yellow cotton napkins and an adorable dishtowel with embroidered birds- that will soon become a curtain. These hooks, are also something I think I'll get for our bathroom Alphabet Hooks once we get settled. Our move in date is technically June 15th, but technically that is Father's Day and we can't possibly ask for family/friend help. So we'll be doing the big move on June 24th, the weekend before Zach's Mom's wedding- we like cutting it close! whew!

All this when I should be sewing! I had hoped our little preggy tank tops would have arrived so I could wear one and sell the others but, I don't know when we'd have time to print them.
With the living room in a shambles, I should probably cut this short. The real pain is not being able to lift anything to load the car ahead of time!


Christopher And Tia said...

I want to see the cute maternity clothes you picked out :)

DeeJay said...

Oh my! You are so busy these days! Looks as if you are feeling much better and for that I am glad! Gonna try to get this package in the mail to you in the next day or two just so that I don't forget and you move and the package gets lost bleh bleh bleh...xo

Island Travel Girl said...

Hey sweetie ! We have those alphabet hooks over the tub (were they there during your visit ?) and I LOVE them - when we move, they are coming with us !

Hope you had a great weekend, hugs for Zach, Hermione, Jasper and baby !