Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Aprons and Bagpipes

New Craft Show Apron, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This is a new little craft show apron I made. It'll be in the shop today- I promise! I've sort of fallen off the listing train. Making things- even photographing and then not quite getting the listing together. You would think being sick on the couch would welcome a little description and listing time on Etsy- but no - it is more about napping.

Well napping when my next door neighbor isn't practicing his bagpipes. yes his bagpipes. We live in a predominately Irish neighborhood, that every year has one of the largest St. Patty's Day parades in the country- so their pipers need to practice. I love the bagpipes- but when the piper might as well be in your kitchen, your head is spinning and your dry-heaving- a piper is the last thing you wanna see!

In any event this cute little apron number has 5 pockets for pens, moula, snickers bars and business cards. It is made with new and vintage fabrics and even has a canvas loop on the bottom to hang your keys, sunglasses or a candy cane. I'm happy with how it came out~

Last night we watched Dreams in the Witch House. Umm it was interesting and the main actor had a similar likeness to Justin Thereaux who I love ( my husband knows)- Justin is one of the main guys on the S.S. Hottie- which I'll tell you all about sometime. Anyhow- it is a part of the Master of Horrors series. Action-packed and hysterical if you like rats with human faces, bloody crucifixes and slum lords. We enjoyed it while chowing down on my craving of the day- bean curd w/ veggies,garlic sauce & veggie fried rice.

Infact I'm enjoying it now too- I wonder is 10:00 am too early to have leftover Chinese? Eh- can it ever be too early for garlic sauce?

Have a great day & I promise to update the shop for real!


jessicajane said...

that sucks about the bagpipes! i would probably get annoyed after a while...there is a jazz band that practices near our house every sunday and its so nice to listen.

DeeJay said...

It's never too early for whatever your body wants in this stage of your life. I say go for the Chinese or the it up!