Monday, May 19, 2008

New Tote W/ the Girls

New Tote W/ the Girls, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This is a tote I had made possibly last summer. It wasn't getting looked at at shows it was a bit too long and I added the 3rd bright flower. Now I think it pops a bit more. I do that a lot. I guess I can't just finish things or let them sit sometimes. If it isn't selling I'll take it down from the shop or in between shows re evaluate the cuteness and try to add something else that flows.

I even found changing names of items on Etsy is a good way to mix your shop up. Changing a name and then relisting it. Sometimes items that have the product description work and sometimes various random names work.. it is sort of a toss up!

The two little ones in this tote are coming with me to Providence at the end of the month. The little owl poking out, I made a very long time ago and think I actually forgot to add it to my Etsy shop.

I'm working on a list to post in the next week or so on MUST HAVES for CRAFT SHOWS. So look for that in a few days or so. I'm trying to come up with a good place on our table to house the little Scraparellas. I had been using a circular, vintage suitcase..but the litter has grown, For the photo shoot the other day I used a vintage picnic basket- but both are stuffed to the max!

The sun is shining- but it feels bitter cold out. I know I have to get dressed and run errands but I just can't get out of my fleece robe. I'm running out of pregnancy clothing too- so things here are getting a bit harried.

Well I suppose I should start something. I started a new little seahorse design. Zach designed it- I've already added it to a few children's american apparel tees using very vibrant fabric for their bodies. The t-shirts are black so I wanted the applique to be friendly and welcoming. It is still in the early stage- but I'll be sure to share when I finish.
Be Well


Rosebud Collection said...

Really cute tote and love the little gal/owl sitting so nice and cozy in it..

Anonymous said...

A good way to make some pregnancy tops: take old shirts that you like and add some fun fabric to extend the side seams. Jazzed up shirt = perfect fit! :)

Callooh Callay said...

Cute tote! I like your idea of switching shop names or changing things that don't seem to be working (I often switch the photos around). Sometimes, though, the thing I'm about to rework because no one likes it gets sold!