Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Prep

Here is a shot of my coffee cuff inventory. Each cuff has a new sticker on the back that reads"Hobocamp's Amazing Reusable Coffee Cuffs drink coffee & save the environment"- Zach designed the font etc- we were going for an old timey sort of pharmacy-medicinal ad. Zach loaded pretty much everything into the car last night so I wouldn't have much else. I'm still working on some onesies and will save some buttons for the birdie eyes to work on in the car.

I started a list awhile ago that I had really wanted to polish and research against other lists on the web, but who really has time for that? So I share with you my list, I think I've gotten the main- most important items down- however if I've forgotten something, it will be blamed on baby brain.. for which I can not be held responsible!
Craft Show Prep List-
Displays for merchandising
Money/change- money bag or box to contain it
Inventory List
Business cards
Reciept Pad
Book or paper for your Mailing List
Writing utencils
Safety pins, straight pins,clothes pins
Table cloth
Tent Weights
Hangers * if selling clothing
Extra needle/thread *if selling clothing
A project to keep you busy
Magazines or book
Food-snacks- a cooler
Comfy chairs
A sense of humor * especially for slow days and bad weather

Remember be friendly to those around you. Bake brownies or cookies to share with other vendors. If you're by yourself you might need to ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your booth at some point.

When setting your booth up- think about your favorite store and what is appealing to yo about it. Using tiered set ups catch the eye. You don't need exspensive pieces to make your table pop. get baskets, cover even a shoe box in fabric and use it to give height to certain products.

Make it consumer-friendly. Try having signs and price tags on items. Sometimes people won't bother asking the price.

* If I've forgotten something- let me know- I'm sure I did! If you're in the Providence area this Saturday, stop by our booth for 10% off- just mention this post.


Beth said...

Thanks for the list! I'll check mine. I didn't see scissors but I guess it could go under you bringing other sewing supplies. I'll be going alone and after reading this I'm hoping I'm near you guys. A cooler, brownies, and help just in case if I have to pee thats awesome. Also you guys were verey nice to me last year. I hope the rain stays far away because I need some money. I've been eyeing your coffee cozies on flickr and want one especially a appliqued one. I drink way too much coffee!

queenvanna said...

so close, and yet so far! one day, i'll pop up at a show to say "hello!" but not in a stalker way, you know... in a totally not-as-creepy-as-that-sounds way. =)

it's supposed to be a lovely day tomorrow, i'm sure you'll have a sell-out!!

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

This is a great list, I'm sure I will refer to it if I ever get to do a show. Good luck this weekend!

DeeJay said...

Girl! YOu are on top of your game that's for sure!

Good luck and I hope you have high sales and a beautiful warm day!

Suzanne said...

Dang thats a lot of coffee cuffs! Good luck at the show and have fun!! Call when ya get back so we can get together!