Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thursday - A Day of Man Purses

I want to incorporate cute products, handmade and pregnancy as well in this blog. So I'm going to start showing more handmade baby favs & preggo mom stuff too. But for now- know I tried searching Etsy for manly diaper bags and didn't really come up with any takers. Last night I mentioned to Z, maybe I would ask a crazy messenger bag seamstress on Etsy to indeed create the ultimate diaper bag for him out of any of the following vintage bedsheets we own & covet- He-Man, Transformers or Return of the Jedi. Z seemed moderately excited, then went to sleep! So in an attempt to find the right "manly" baby bag I bring some I've found just searching the webisphere. ( is that a word? Did I just make that up?) Cool!

First Up: Diaper Vest™ Wearable Diaper Bag - Orange (L) for 82.00. I don't think Z would go for it. A- he doesn't like vests and B. where do you put the dirties? um ew! But I love the color and think it is a great alternative to carrying a bag around.

Next: My personal favorite and one I think Z will appreciate. He mentioned getting a camo diaper bag last night during our conversation somewhere before drifting. This is from Diaper Dude for 59.99.

The next one I found is a variation on a regular messenger bag and just very stylish:

This is 44.98, the bookbag version is also available,
for 39.99.

All pretty affordable,good looking and manly..but I don't know if any of them say- Zach, I mean look at my cutie..
he needs something as unique as he is. I won't even get started on not finding the right bag for me... maybe the magical seamstress will make me a diaper bag out of my vintage Strawberry Shortcake or Harry Potter sheets??

In other lands, my decision to stop taking custom orders was short-lived. As I just took on a wholesale order for 15 coffee cuffs for a coffee shop in Iowa. I need to get cracking! Luckily I had started some of the work ahead of time and a few pieces are already in stock. My sewing table's gurth is increasing with the large amount of denim aprons and appliqued pieces I have piled up. All of which I want to finish before our Providence show. Including making myself a cute preggers reconstructed tee of sorts.

I must stay away from TV. Either a book on tape, music or NPR is all I am allowing myself till the end of May. I swears! Tonight however- I think I'll be dragging the hub to Target to see what good sales they might have on pregnancy clothing. I'm running out of appropriate pieces~ I have a doctor's appt at 10:45 today. My nauseau is even slightly tappering... but I say that in a W H I S P E R... b/c I'm afraid that talking about it will bring it back. Shhh!


Suzanne said...

I like the camo one! Very manish!

DeeJay said...

Camo one is what I'd pick too! That pic of the two of you in the cowboy hats is divine! Love!

Loree said...

Rob and I both have good ole' Manhattan Portage messenger bags. I got him an olive green one back in the day... an excellent Murse. They're roomy, and super sturdy. But maybe a little plainer than what you're looking for?

Christopher And Tia said...

We have the camo one. We bought it on amazon. Its the only kind my husband can wear with his military uniform. It got us through our first baby, and is about to get us through our 2nd! Love it.