Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Morning = 12 weeks!

Howdy Gals! New fabric!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I guess I was expecting too much. It is just that almost all the books I've read and the friends I talked to all said they were usually better the beginning of the 12th week. Just as quickly as it came it was gone. I'm still waiting for the gone part. But at least I felt well enough to feed the cats and enjoy a V8 juice, a colby Horizon cheese stick and a grapefruit. I would love to feel the energy to make Zach breakfast possiblly french toast. He's still asleep so I have some time.

This little pic is just one of the new fabrics I got for the summer. I am in love with the cowgirls they're so sassy!

Last night we did another run of blue inked Snuggle Bunnies gearing up for the Providence show. Color Combos we love? Olive tee W/ blue and purple/plum tee W/ Blue ink. They just pop! Right now we are using an ink that needs to be heat-gunned. But we've decided to switch to something a little easier that can dry in the sun a more natural way. So we'll be ordering that and a new screen design in the upcoming week.
Another little find to share, is this cute little tote Adorable Little Critters I can't get enough of it! The handle needs some repairs and chances are it may just make an appearance on a crafty shelf to preserve the needlework.

Well tomorrow I have an appointment at a local bridal shop to find/order a bridesmaid dress for my cousin's wedding in November. It should be interesting trying to figure out how to gauge how big I'll be 2 weeks before giving birth!
Have a great Sunday


Angie said...

Love your blog and the sassy cowgirls! I had a piece of fabric that matched this with cowboys on it. It had a black background, and I just adored it. They all had cool names like Slim and Tex.

Suzanne said...

That little critter bag is adorable! Great find! Hope your 12th week brings you some tummy comfort!