Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Believe it or Not!

Yesterday we went to meet our little peanut baby. We had our first sonogram. Here is little baby Oat who looks like their waving. I have to say after hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby I felt more connected. But just as that feeling was sinking in we needed to sit down with a doctor who told us all about the tests done at the 18week mark. It was really scary. I tried to listen and really hear what he had to say- but he wasn't my doctor, we were in a very small awkwardly sized room and again all of these terrible possibilities were scary. We left there knowing okay, I will talk it all over with my own doctor next week and most likely get the testing done.

Either way everything looked good and I scanned & shared the pic with family members near & far.

All long with meeting the peanut, we dashed to sign our new lease- dropped Z off at the train and met in the backyard with a photographer for the Rockland Magazine shoot. The photographer was super nice and I think the set up was very cute- I can't wait to see the issue. It will be coming out in the July/August issue. The magazine though, only is available to those who subscribe to the Journal News- so hopefully we can grab a copy.

Here are a few sun-washed shots I took before we moved the set over out of the shady/sun.

Zach's new office overlooks Rockefeller Center- he is at 30Rock. Which is fitting b/c he loves that dang show! He already spotted Amy Poehler and the rapper The Game. Tomorrow is his birthday and I hope after work we can go celebrate- possibly with Indian food and a movie. If I haven't shared where he's working these days it is called Television Without Pity. It has become a daily read of mine and I'm really enjoying it! He's written 3 articles so far you can find under Movies Without Pity- Swayze Supremacy, Fists of Fury and Panthro's Getting Too Old For This. I guess I'm biased but I love reading his writing!

My sewing table is full of pieces yet-again. I worked through the Tudors cutting- pining- and appliquing items to be sewn. So now they're waiting- giving me the stink eye. I really love to go thrifting- maybe just my two favorites Grace's and one in Piermont. It has been quite a while. Too bad I'm just not feeling that good. Maybe tomorrow.

Have a great day! Thanks for reading

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DeeJay said...

Yay for Z and the new coolio job!

The baby Oat...divine.

You inspire me.