Monday, May 19, 2008

Sales, Organic Dark Chocolate and a Day with Mom

This morning I climbed out of bed to the sound of Jasper scratching outside the bedroom door. He had been locked out- so Hermione could eat her breakfast in the bathroom, in peace. I was in the middle of yet another crazy pregnancy dream and trying to keep myself from sleeping on my back.

Breakfast consisted of a colby cheesestick by Horizon, a Stonyfield Farms yogurt drink and a V-8. I knew once I got to Mom's I could make an actual lunch. So I packed my Pine Point insulated bag( husband's former family school) with sandwich makings and hit the road to my parent's house.

I always enjoy bringing a large bag with me of the new Scraparellas to show my family ( which my father seems to really get a kick out of) as well as appliqued goodies to show off. My parent's are pretty supportive which is nice.

Later that day I dragged mom to a bridal shop so I could get a dress for my cousin's wedding in November. Of course I'll be needing a maternity bridesmaid's dress so I tried a few on and found one I could live with. The entire thing was pretty painless.

Afterwards we stopped at the new, huge Stop & Shop. There much to my happiness I found that Nature's Promise ( Stop & shop's mostly organic brand) had indeed started making chocolate bars. Organic, dark chocolate with almonds! All for the great price of $1.99- of course I stocked up. How exciting!

When I got home from my adventure I started going through some of my messier fabric-paper-bead habitats. Only to realize I need to start Destashing before we move. SO, I've been putting together some great fabric bundles. The prices are still being worked out. I'll also be offering paper products possibly along with the fabric bundles or scrap bags. This will be offered in my other shop Button Chops. This is where I sell supplies etc. The sale starts May 23rd. Be Sure to Check it out! I'll Be POsting Flickr pics of the exciting items to go up for Sale.
Have a great one!

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Kerry said...

ooh, a maternity bridesmaids dress...sounds awful! Glad to hear it was painless.
I love yogurt! Breakfast of the goddess, I say.