Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best of the Best

Excuse me while I take an Earth Day break and introduce you to a delicious dressing for salads, peaches,mushrooms and anything else you can think of.
Meet Brianna's Dressings. Although I've never actually met Brianna and I've only tried the Rich Poppy Seed dressing, I tell you I had to hold back from drinking this stuff. I first tried it when I was preggo, last summer when our local health food store- offered it as a sample and immediately purchased a bottle. Then today while at the market I was reintroduced to it. YUM I tell you- YuM! vegan- veggie- gluen free and just lovely & light- perfect for the springy/summery days ahead.
Happy Birthday Earth- thank you for your wonderful bounty and creatures galore. xo


DeeJay said...

It's always fun to find something Yum! Happy belated Earth Day to you as well my friend. Be well!

BusStopGirl said...

I loove Brianna's... particularly the one with the GRAPES on the front. We'll say, "did you get the grape dressing?"...