Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pouches- Not Just For Kangaroos Anymore

The world is full of stuff. So what better way to carry your stuff than in other stuff.( this intro reminds me of George Carlin) Also it doesn't hurt if the stuff you are using is pretty adorable and made by a rad person to-boot. A crafty mama with a new kidlet of her own, sews these thoughtful little pouches. Please check out AwesomeAsAOne . Allegra (crafty mama in charge) chooses sweet fabrics and adds these little touches that are just perfect. Her quarter pockets and gum pouches.. um amazing! She's taken an already cute pouch and just added a wonderfully quirky and handmade element- which is what crafting is all about. These are perfect for a night out or everyday- just always remember to restock! There is nothing more insulting than an empty Wriggler . But for now these babies arrive with gum included! Also check out Allegra's blog, AwesomeAsAOne blog where she features a new awesome item daily.
So show Allegra and AwesomeAsAOne some love and find the perfect pouch for you or a friend. BTW Mother's Day is coming up, why not give her the very best and give handmade?

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BusStopGirl said...

Thanks so much for the kind words!! I love the reminder about restocking the gum pouches....