Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bread Lust

I guess I've already written about Bread Lust before, because it popped up in my blog titles- before I could finish typing it in. Only the bread lust I was talking about then was the non-glutenous. This morning my bread has gluten and rosemary and olive oil. It is quite delicious with some garlic hummus. It is a difficult, slippery slope of gluten- I'm climbing these days- with strict orders to eat eat eat gluten before my endoscopy.

Hazel woke to yet another large piece of baby toy-furniture... the jumperoo. Although our babe's feet do not yet touch the ground, she played enough this morning to seriously conk herself out for a good, long nap.

Zach has started configuring his action figures on what was once, my mother;s niknak shelves. He too has strict orders, only from me. Anyone who is a lover of action figures or married to a lover of one- the heat is not their friend, and once one falls they all start. So the strict order is a line of fishing wire to keep these guys (ahem Wolverine, I'm talking to you) in place. Zach happily obliged.

Our new place has become a life-size game of Tetris, which I love playing and am pretty good at, while the old place is a graveyard of yet-to-be-packed items, fur balls and loud neighbors. However the new place does have a train coming through a million times a day/night ( does this count as a loud neighbor?) How did I ever sleep as a child? I guess the same way I do now and the way Hazel will for the next year- deeeply!

With not too much to report- I'm back to the daily grind..Hazel,laundry,dinner (turkey meatloaf & garlic mashed) and maybe- just maybe some sewing & product shots- along with a few hopeful sketches of new new things to come.

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blogzilly said...

Bread is the only real food we need! :)