Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Source of My Inspiration

I haven't made anything yet- but my head is buzzing and as soon as I can I'll sketch it out.

I had just started college, I remember being at a new friend's house and there I found one of the most ground-breaking books I would ever read. by SARK The cover alone, is friendly and bright and just designed like no other book I had ever encountered. It then turned out one of my roomates had heard of SARK and was a huge fan (thanks Amber). I remember we even married ourselves one day by the pond on campus. I devoured every book available and when she came to our little college town's independent (now defuncted) book store Ariel, we got to meet her and have our picture taken with SARK herself, it was pretty amazing. So yesterday when I listened to an old CraftCast interview with SARK I was so psyched! It brought back a renewed creative spirit in me. Inspiring me in a deep way I have been yearning for. I promptly took a hot bath and dialed SARK's Inspiration Line. Just when I had practiced what message I would leave, I got a message that her box was full! Oh well, I'll call again another time. Either way the message she left was amazing and really made me feel like she was talking to me one-on-one. I know I sound a little silly. Sometimes a little silly goes a long way. Have a great,inspired day.


Gray Eyed Scorpio said...

I haven't read SARK in years, but credit her for saving me from depression...and from sabatoging my marriage back in the 90's. Inspiring, yes!

Trisha said...

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