Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whirled Days

Things have been a little crazy. We are still half in at my parent's house and half out of the apartment- how is that for optimism? My sewing machine- sits in it's new spot atop of my old table, now in front of a bright glass sliding door. When we moved it there I pictured myself happily sewing away a mass of fabric & projects and watching the cardinals feed. But I haven't had time for much sewing. In fact a pile of pinned projects is stacked so high it almost covers the machine. But I need to come to terms with being a full-time mama. I think I need to change my point of view and realize- Hazel is my job- raising Hazel and if I find time for Hobocamp- it is a plus. With that said I need to find cracks in the day for so many things that need nurturing- like my relationship with myself and Zach. You read so much about husbands & partners feeling left out or neglected when a baby comes and I would hate for that to be our case. I know I've neglected a lot that has to do with my own well-being and I have to try and work at that.

Yesterday she had her last of her 4 month-old shots. I broke them up once a week or a little longer. For her 2 month shots, I wasn't happy with her getting them all at once. She had a low-grade fever for a week and I could never tell which was making her feel that way. Of course I had to weigh her and she is 25 inches long and 13lbs 4 ounces. Always with the 4's. 7lbs 4 oz when born.

I also had an appointment with the gastro doctor who I originally went to in the beginning of this madness (which is going to be a year in July).I've also lost 40 pounds in 4 months (without trying) (I don't know if this is a good thing?) but I certainly had not expected to lose pretty much all my baby weight(I was 200 lbs on the day of) plus 10 extra lbs by this point. I am going to get an endoscopy. The gluten-free diet which seemed like a great idea at first, doesn't seem to be helping my symptoms. So we'll see how it goes. I must eat gluten-foods till the procedure. At first, armed with Imodium, I thought mmm bread! But when I tried some it was so doughy I couldn't eat it! Imagine that!

So amidst all this craziness- Spring has sprung and flowers & trees are in bloom. I found some time to plant my seedlings and pick up a few plants. Still more planting to be done. Until the true frost is gone- every night I'm carting the seedlings back into the bathroom for safe keeping.

Today is Wednesday, our car is down at the dock by the ferry landing- so we'll spend the day at home. There is so much to do I need an ultimate to-do list- that way I can check things off here & there and get a great feeling of accomplishment!

Happy Wednesday!

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