Thursday, April 23, 2009

blue skies, barfy burgers, girls!

SPT 4-23-09, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

That saying is from " You Can't Do That On Television" which is what I grew up on as a suburban tween. A crush on Allister and looking up to Moose was how I spent my young life- oh and wondering what it would be like to be slimed.

Today I bundled us both up in our best farmer gear and trekked into the yard to replant/repot some things and put some seeds in containers. I'm trying to grow the following from plants- strawberries, cilantro & basil and seeds basil,winter squash,3 kinds of pumpkins, cilantro, wildflowers, parsley, scallions,chamomile and carrots. I'm really excited. Armed with You Grow Girl as my bible. Alas it was too windy and cold to start much of anything. So we went back inside my spirit a little spent- but looking forward to a gorgeous weekend.


Anonymous said...

Remember when they would talk about how nasty the burgers were and barfy would go "Iiiii heard that!" LOL ah memories!

BusStopGirl said...

Oh my gosh. Barf burgers. I LOVED You Can't Do That on Television.