Friday, April 17, 2009

The Haul

Even though we arrived later than my rummage sale-plan called for- we still were in time for major haul!
Here is the rundown followed by pics:
1 vintage Pooh Bear & Christopher Robin curtain panel

1 dark denim jacket almost never worn- but super soft
1 pair of dark denim jeans (same)

1 vintage gauze dress

3 skirts (2 vintage- 1 linen H&M)

1 vintage nightie (which I want to shorten)

2 vintage summery robes

1 kids apron ( Hazel)
1 handmade coffee mug (scissors)

6 super soft cotton shirts (for reconstructing and such)

1 pr of men's bathing trunks (Zach? - reconstructing?)

3 pair of cargo khaki shorts ( for Zach)

this all came to 17$ Pretty amazing seeing that a lot of it is expensive brand names-that I would never pay full price for- yippee!

Well tomorrow is a big baby/child consignment sale- so I hope I find a few things there too- then maybe one or 2 summer accessories and this mama is done- for reals- except thrifting. I never even shared the haul from 2 weeks ago- maybe I'll get to showing my vintage $2.00 suit one of these days!
Have a good weekend thrifting/crafting/snuggling.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some awesome finds. I like the gauze dress and the linen skirt. Found your blog via Craft flickr group. :)