Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Old Love and Curtains

Our moving in with my parents has played a big toll on two lives spent in a house for nearly 50 years. Furniture has been moved/given away/put in storage. Closets emptied-rugs rolled and so on.

Our belongings have been finding their way into our new space slowly and we've been incorporating new/old stuff too. My mom has been going through old pictures she's had forever. In one ( which I'd love to scan- but she'd probably kill me) she is wearing a gorgeous tealish-green dress with thick straps and silvery-gold strewn throughout. Her dark hair coiffed into an up-do with a few pieces naturally around her face. My father in a button-down dapper shirt with his arms around her. My father looks either very happy- slightly drunk or both. My sister is staring at them with a Barbie in her hands and the gorgeous tree decked out in silver icicles in the background. It is picturesque at least to me. I guess seeing pictures like this makes me feel left out. My sister is 18 years older and my brother 15 years my senior, so when I see these photos I am flushed with many emotions.. by time I was born my siblings were old enough to be too cool to be around their baby sister. I'm glad though that I'm getting to see this way of life even if it didn't involve me, yet.

While major purging is going on, there is also a flow of my mother's hand-me-downs making it into our new space. She gave me a bunch of pillow shams and some almost-finished matching curtains- which I plan to finish tomorrow and put up in the bedroom.

This weekend we'll be spending Easter with Zach's family. It has been a little while since they have all seen Hazel and now that she is rolling over constantly!! (yes) and eating her rice cereal (like a pro) I'm sure she'll be a lot of fun to be around.

Projects to be worked on-so much to do.

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moxylyn said...

We are also moving and have found lots of old photos and memories. Times go by fast don't they? I say scan Mom's photo :)