Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm slowly listing a few springy/summery clutches to the shoppe..soon enough. The last one is upcycled from a wool-vintage-kilt. yum.

This past weekend was spent in Westerly eating butternut squash soup and gluten-free brownies with my in-laws. We hit no traffic either way- so the gods chose to give me an attack-which made me sick for hours. Today I learned about the horror that is carrageenan from a woman at Whole Foods- oh happy day. ( I found rice milk from Hain does not have carrageenan in it)

Hazel has started going to bed a little bit earlier- however she's up around 3ish or 4ish- up by way of moving around a lot in her crib- still in a sleepy trance. So I feed her and then we go back to sleep- luckily she'll usually snooze for a few hours more. I guess it is all relative and will eventually work itself out.

A few pictures from our weekend:

Hazel wearing her Easter finest and eating her Easter finest.

Every night when Zach gets home I have so much I want to accomplish- and so little actually gets done. There is so much that has to get done ( feeding-bathing-rocking Hazel) that all the other frivolous stuff takes the back burner. I'm in awe of those who can actually get a task done-start-finish.

As we are slowly moving into our new home for the next year or so little by little special parts of our lives make it here. A rocking chair, a basket of board books, a favorite pair of shoes, a coffee bean grinder ( now used for grinding flax seed) and yes in this precarious order. Our apartment in which we are moving from still looks inhabited aside from some awkward, lonely corners. We've so much to do. Hopefully by Saturday we'll have a bed to lay our weary bodies. We can only hope.

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Caroline said...

Aww, your little Hazel is beautiful! I'm a new mom too, and so far my daughter has taught me that plans are for people who don't have kids. 24 hours is not nearly long enough for the day! :)