Friday, April 3, 2009

Do When You Can- With What You Can

Blah blah blah we're moving...blah blah it's Spring..blah blah blah ..I hate bugs. Flying ants-beetles-citronell ants- yup we've got 'em. Now if we just had fleas I'd start a circus!

With that said- tomorrow kicks off the start of moving our furniture into our new home for the next year or so. This time we are really putting most of it into storage and just keeping the essentials and a few books and favorite pieces around.

Since our camera is caput (sp?) I started a Facebook account for Hobocamp Crafts. Trying to feel productive even if I can't take pictures and post them.

Have a great weekend~

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Hey, good luck in the new digs :)
Hazel is a doll and at that age I know what you are going through. You're lucky to have time to go to the bathroom alone :D