Friday, March 14, 2008

Energizer Bunny Style

Good Mail Day Thurs.13.08, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So yesterday my book arrived! I can already tell it will be well- worth the wait! Then these adorable ribbons I ordered from Sweet Flavor arrived- and my new issue of Everyday Food.

I haven't really had time to enjoy them- due to packing up orders for Hobocamp & the looming pile of 247 Magnum tees Zach left for me! Hey I'm not really complaining!

My trip to Trader Joe's was fun as usual- followed by a quick jot to Target for party odds & ends.

I've made my list of *To Do* and I'll share a bit:
- switch out shower curtain in br
-toilet- egh
-clean up sewing table, fabrics etc.
-boil carrots for carrot puree
- gather 12 fabric napkins
-sweep stairs
This is a little bit of what I have to do- there really is a lot more! Plus I'm meeting the girls around 4:15 to watch my friend's wedding video- sort of scared of that- don't think I like myself on video!

My coffee cuff sale is on till 11pm- as part of Friday Night Happy Hour
It feels cold in the apartment. I'm going to make a pot of tea and get dressed. I enjoyed one of the delicious oatmeal chocolate chip scones for breakfast.
happy friday

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DeeJay said...

Sounds like a delightful day. Wish you were my neighbad so we could craft together. Oh and a big YES to the swap thingie!