Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tumble the Grey Bunny Stuffie

I'm super tired. Went to bed around 12:12 and up at 4:20am to drop Z off at work so he could take a bus with the rest of his coworkers to the airport-it seems the bus driver accidentally locked his keys in the bus- so his morning has started with a bazaar beginning!

I listed couple of revamped t-shirts in my shop in various sizes. I love creating them. I've been toying with my price for my coffee cuffs. Right now I have them on Sale- for $5. and their prices normally vary- from $6.00 ( for the less decorative) and $10.00 for the more decorative, appliques or Japanese/ vintage fabrics. But I don't know that the $10.00 price is actually one I am going to have stick.

Next weekend is my birthday ( on Easter this year ) so I am having family over our small cozen apartment this Saturday. Which means a Trader Joe's trip is in my immediate future. We haven't been in so long- so I have my list of "must haves"- I also need to find/create the right dress. I love wearing an apron when I have people over- of course I have my "fancy" aprons and my down & dirty- baking-cookin' aprons. I've got a lot to do in the next few days. I plan to make the deviled eggs from Deceptively Delicious along with serving cheese, crackers,hummus and maybe bake these Maple Oatmeal Scones. I also found some vegan broccoli and cheddar poppers ( for me) and Amy's Organic Pizza Bites for the kids. I've told everyone it will be an appetizer and dessert party. Mom is baking me a devil's food cake with beets. So much to do- including watching Dr. Who!

Yesterday was a good mail day- not only did I recieve Vegetarian Times but a consignment check from Magpie- Store which is always welcome! I've never been to visit the actual shop- but one of these days I'll get up there to Massachusetts. I'm hoping this week/weekend I'll recieve the MOO cards I created as business cards I'm very excited about them!

Last weekend while grabbing a latte w/ my Bride to be- girl- Suzanne ( I gave her- the BRIDE button tote- which she loved) she shared this magazine called NEST from the creators of The Knot. This has ideas & tips on finances, baby-time,being a newlywed,real estate and in this month's issue they even have an article about couples who own their own small businesses. Check it out . It has tips on starting your own business too! Although I couldn't find this magazine in any of the stores I tried- I treated myself to a subscription.

Well have a great day! I need a nap or a coffee- think I'll take the nap


Caroline said...

Sounds like a neat magazine! I will check it out too. :)

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

I never heard of this magazine before, I must check it out. The website looks pretty cool too. Thanks for sharing this!

ThePeachTree said...

Come to me, Gray Stuffie Bunny

Miss Pin Productions said...

Super cool. Love the Bunny Stuffie and tees! I love wearing aprons too and to make it all sweeter, the Ramones cover of Needles and Pins was playing when I clicked on your blog. I think I love you!