Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday the Bright

Moo Has Arrived!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Woke up not feeling great- but got some sewing in. Finished a few coffee cuffs and started on another doll. About to brew myself a cup of French vanilla decaf from Whole Foods- I picked up yesterday with mom. I've started watching the Gilmore Girls- which only on the first season I am in love with!

Our Moo cards arrived and we're really psyched! We used product shots- and just cute pics. They came out great!
Well a short post today- a lot to do- while I'm working at a turtle's pace.
Be Well!
Happy Spring


Loree said...

I love Gilmore Girls! One of my all-time favorite shows...

idyll hands said...

Love the Mini Moo Cards! I'm addicted to the ones I have and have a hard time trying to give them away. I don't want to run out! :) I need to get over and hand those puppies out.

DeeJay said...

Cruel Summer by Bananarama is playing on my Sirius 80's station. Visions of the Karate Kid dance in my head.

I've been out stalking the sites that make these kind of mini cards and have yet to decide which one will get my moolah.

Got the swap parcel!! Thanks so much. I will gather your stuff today and pack it up. Had started it with that quart size bag then yours arrived. Yikes!! lol I need a bigger bag!! Am glad too because I wanted to share more than the first bag would hold. hehehe