Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday- Spring Cleaning My Tunes

Detail Button Broken Heart, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This is a macro shot of our button- heart break tote. I love the shades and just how the buttons make me wanna touch them.

So It isn't the easiest program to navigate- but I was able to add new Spring tunes to my Project Playlist and removed the others. Among the newest are songs from the Oh Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack, The Be Good Tanyas, Bjork, Woody Guthrie and some other spring-like happy songs.I hope you'll enjoy them!

Today I worked on a piece for myself- ooohh Ahh how exciting!! I love it- it is a large scale applique of Marie Antoinette- similar to the coffee cuff- only the t-shirt says Drama Queen University underneath the applique- kinda funny! You can check out the photo on my flickr page. I also took some photos of new items and refresher pics of some of our older items. It was a little windy- but I managed.

This weekend we're going to visit family in Rhode Island I love New England! We haven't been since Christmas!!

While browsing Etsy I found a seller who makes beads that fit Pandora bracelets! Which is cool- because I got a Pandora bracelet for my birthday-

Well after a little purchase of the Penny Playlist and a coffee cuff swap with Blaze Danielle- she gave me a shout out on her

I finished a few coffee cuffs which will be up in my shop later today. My favorite is the little flannel kitties.

Tonight is 3 hours of Law & Order- yay! Dinner tonight is going to be burritos. We'll be using up the 3 bean- soy meat chili I made Sunday with rice, broccoli and some marinated portobello mushrooms. Tasty- I'm excited!

I've gone through a bag of chocolate chips in small handfuls mixed with almonds. It is a really yummy treat- but the fact that the bag is gone and probably settling on my hips- isn't as delicious! Oh well- must start walking more- Regardless I am going to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for our car trip.

Be well- have a great day & happy crafting!

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Blaze said...

Hey there!! :)

I just wanted to say hey, and that I posted about your sleeve a couple of days ago! Also, I LOVE your song selections on your blog! What fun!! :) You've got great taste!