Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My brother's birthday cake- my mom made it for him and 20 plus people on Sunday. It was a wacky cake recipe- which if you ask my mom- she's been making since like 1955 or so. It requires few ingredients and when she was a young mother while my dad was in the army- she would make this for friend's birthdays or for a bit of yum. Always moist and delicious! I enjoyed the non whipped parts.

Today is the second day of my week of medical testing for different various health issues. Today I get to have a mammogram- I'm psyched! No! I'm a liar.

I try to dress up a little extra special to cheer myself up
the vintage slip I fixed and added a soft mauve lace to~which I wore yesterday w/ clothing over it :)

Since I've had an upper resp. problem and haven't been feeling normal I forced myself to see The Other Boleyn Girl to feed my curiosity and add some cheer to - what I am calling the Triathalon of Testing.

The theater I went to had the most comfy seats ever. I laughed as the only people in there were 3 women- myself included all alone.( except for the annoying seat shaking guy behind me) There is a certain kind of fun involved when going to the movies alone. But tell me, in a huge theater why someone needs to sit directly in front of my seat so I can't "stretch" (put my feet on the seat) only leads me to belive they aren't use to seeing a movie alone- and by sitting by someone they weren't actually seeing the movie by themself. Ok- keep kidding yourself!

This is what I will say about The Other Boleyn Girl- it is completely different from the book- first off. I've always felt- why keep the name- why connect it to the book when it really is NOT an adaptation of the book into a movie?! ( I know the real reasons$$!) but it ruins it for those people who really were looking for the book's visual story. Not only does it cut crucial pieces from the novel- but a few of the characters didn't even seem similar to how they were depicted in the book- especially William Stafford ( Mary Boleyn's second husband) and Lady Elizabeth Howard ( The Boleyn's Mother). Stafford was just a boy and in the book I really expected him to be a man and Lady Howard showed more sympathy- much more infact for her children- while in the book she seemed very cold and heartless- tossing Anne's heir on the fire.

Those were really just two small things I noticed- there are many other left out pieces and just what felt like a super- rushed movie. You would think that an hour and 10 minutes into the movie when the emergency lights and sirens went off at the theater I would have just left- no after the theater figured out the problem they let us back in and the movie started up from where it had left off. I guess you're always dissapointed with the movie Vs. book- however I always love the Harry Potter movies and the books equally. So I think they could have done a better job- with trying to keep the story fluid and understandable. But what came out was a very choppy- weird rendition of every other Henry Viii movie- just with more well-known actors and beautiful costumes.

So that was that- I urge you to go see it- but know that it really isn't Philippa Gregory's book/movie adaptation- if you see it as just a movie it might be more interesting.

Sorry for the rant- but I was so excited to see it and a little let down! Oh happy day!

It has inspired me to create 2 coffee cuffs of famous women in history- I'll be posting them on flickr later today- then in the shop.

Here is a blurb about Zach's Milkshake T-shirt design for 247magnum.etsy, which was apparently their favorite out of the milkshake gear popping up! We also have american apparel ladies shirts in- so now the ladies can enjoy a nice-cute Daniel Plainview!
Have a great Tuesday-


Shannon said...

I'm always wary of movies "based" on books. Sometimes it works out (I agree with you about most of the Harry Potter movies, not so sure about the last one, though), but often I end up disappointed that the movie wasn't more like the book. I just read Interview with the Vampire and then re-watched the movie. It was so disappointing after reading the book.

amy said...

I love your fricken slip. I think I need to get one now.