Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can You Buy Anything For a Penny?

Well probably not. But I did find Blaze Danielle's Penny Playlist
art work and shop via the daily Blog Love. Someone was raving about her and this little penny playlist she was selling. So being a music lover I skipped on over to her shop and purchased one! It arrived the other day and I must say it is a great mix. Some of my favorite songs and ones I had never heard about!

Her art work is really sweet and revolves around cocoa drinking little girls, deer who wear legwarmers and an adorable, magical world within the woods. Who knew these animals were having picnics and wearing scarves?! So adorable. Here are a few of my favorites
Cocoa Drinker & Cozy Trio Check her out!

The weather has been pretty nasty the last few days and since the natural light isn't very good, I haven't been able to photograph my latest Scraparella- or other appliqued goodness.But i've been busy.

This morning as I was finishing up the article I wrote about my wedding I watched the movie The Year of The Dog w/ Molly Shannon. It was sort of sad at a few parts and def. funny and touching-I don't want to give too much away. I recommend it! I also started listening to jonathan strange & mr. norell by susanna clarke. It takes place in 1800- England and has to do with magic and the lack there of at the time. I've only just started it.

A birthday gift arrived in the mail from my mother-in-law and husband's aunt. It is a Pandora charm bracelet. The two charms they gave me were a green glass bead and a lovely owl! I put it on immediately. I also recieved the buttons I had ordered from Krazy Kate Designs. Today was a great mail day!

Hope you are all well

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