Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Night Wheeeee!

These are a few of the Girls I've made.. I introduced you to the blonde, Esme with the lashes- last week or so. I took this yesterday during the craziness that was called the Wind Advisory. These ladies were super professional and did a great job on their photo shoot! They'll all be available in my shop this weekend.
I've also been working on some crafting aprons, new coffee cuffs and some adorable appliqued tank tops & other cuteness.

So my birthday weekend has finally arrived! Actually on Sunday- Easter this year! Tonight Zach and I are meeting my girl's and their guys for conveyor belt sushi (well veggie rolls for me). I've been looking foward to it for awhile!

Saturday we'll be babysitting my two neices and nephew so my family can all go to a wedding- our invitation never arrived lol! No biggie we're looking forward to spending fun time with them.

I hoping for a laid-back delish birthday breakfast and maybe a decaf cuppa-joe.

Have a wonderful weekend- Happy Spring! xo


Anonymous said...

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DeeJay said...

So love the group!! Your imagination and skills are da'bomb!