Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What Are You Grateful For?

As seen here in the Etsy Forums

What are YOU grateful for today, Tuesday?

I'm grateful for
My Husband
the ability to make things with my heart & hands
My family
My cozy apartment with my two adorable cats
My health

I would add to my first list these following things in no particular order:

a good conversation with a friend, hot cocoa, coffee, a picnic, watching animals play in the yard, cardinals,bluebirds, butterflies, the smell of my mother's tomato sauce in the slow cooker, autumn, candy apples, halloween, christmas, wonderful fabric, little children telling stories, harry potter books, having my family around, lemony snicket novels, good crime shows,strolling down sullivan street in the spring or fall,driving to upstate ny, picking apples, listening to my mom or dad tell stories about childhood or before i was born, meeting crafty people-

It turns out there are so many people and things I am grateful for. The important part is letting as many of the people in your life know~
Back to work I go- new reconstructed beauties coming this weekend~

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