Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday! Hump Day-

Finished Elflette Shirt, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Hello Hobos,
I just finished this shirt. I'm calling it Elflette. It will be available in my shop later today. It is a recycled super soft cotton with some soft white flannel with light pink polka dots and vintage buttons.

I haven't been buying as much as I usually would on Etsy- well because we're trying to save! However I did find a few goodies that I had to have- such as some adorable Japanese linen ribbon and a 1/2 yard of this
Oriental Fabrics . I'm still waiting for the dern book Craft Inc.- that I ordered from amazon like 5 million years ago Here's a Review. I can't wait.
We've realized ( as we are piecing together our business taxes) that this year going forward at craft shows and sales in general- how important organized paperwork is. Crucial infact!- You're probably thinking- um no duh! But everyone learns at their own pace!

Yesterday I watched Emily Martin on the Martha Show and although I've never met her- she seemed super personable and sweet and I felt proud. She gives us designer-crafter-artists inspiration and a sense of ~Possibility~. I know my parents were watching and thrilled to hear she had made 6- figures! I can only hope my little hobo empire can grow to support me in the future- I wish that for all of those crafters who want this!

Last night I made sloppy Joe's and shoestring french fries. Not the most nutritional dinner. But I was sewing and time sort of past me by-Zach has been working pretty late ( last night till 11!) and tomorrow he'll leave for L.A.- for Wizard World Los Angelos. I'm proud of him- but I do hate when he leaves.

I went outside to photograph some new pieces for my shop- it was so windy I'll have to try again tomorrow on one of the skirts- it just wasn't happening! Later today I am going to start a custom apron- that I should have started ages ago ( sorry Darlene) and I need to pin some more coffee cuffs.

Remember- they're still on Sale for $5.00 till Friday at 11pm-
Hope you're day is going well- I just got the new issue of Vegetarian Times- so I'm off

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