Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It Takes a Village

Lately many people and families are talking about getting back to basics and I love it! One of the places I am focusing most on this mantra is my daily life with my almost-6-month-old-daughter, Hazel Juniper. I want her food to be all organic,and I'm working hard to acheive this and I want her toys to be safe. Babies use their mouths like antennae- so what goes in needs to be healthy.
Enter Pretty Dreamer. Pamela's shop, makes handcrafted wood toys for home and play.They choose their materials carefully to ensure they are nontoxic.
These brightly colored toys are safe for your little one, and they invite their imagination to run wild. From puzzles-to-stackers-to-rattles and carpentry tools for your little one. Pretty Dreamer even offers a little wooden iron,
perfect for helping mama or papa with their laundry chores. So when you're wondering what to get for that next children's birthday- step away from the plastic toys- made with who knows what.. and step into Pretty Dreamer's Etsy Shop. Have a great day!


Prettydreamer said...

Melissa...thank you so much for the wonderful article and feature of Prettydreamer!

Vegan Craft Samples said...

love the little iron! haha too cute

idyll hands said...

What cute toys! I love that they have an iron. My grandma had a few tiny little irons that she had when she was little to play with while her grandma ironed for real. I think it's sweet that these types of toys are still around.