Monday, May 4, 2009

A Roaring By Weekend

The weekend goes by way to fast these days.

Have Moby Will Travel- Hazel loves sitting outward in the Moby. Although she is at the stage where she just wants mama or papa- she'll go to grandmas too- but some family members and strangers are too scary just yet- including my sister! Sorry Susie! I carried her around all Saturday through the lovely village of Nyack for their yard sale extravaganza. We didn't get anything there- but my favorite little shop, Grace's didn't fail me.

Two shirts- one is an itty-bitty wrap shirt!

Life Is Good- because everyone needs some reminders!

Cutest little dress with turtles! 18m We also found a vintage ET flat sheet- which Zach was a bit scared of- however he let me get it anyhow! ET was one of my favorite childhood movies.It was in perfect condition- maybe I'll make a bag for the beach or a dress for Hazel- could you imagine- how fun!?
Last night after the beloved CI, we started watching some random home-show and it sucked us in till midnight! I guess we should be aware of some of the things homeowners experience- as we'd like to be homeowners in the near future. But I don't ever want to be in the situation some of these people are in- crazy demolitions and serious revamping! But then again we did say we'd like a fix-it-upper- maybe I should have taken notes?!

On the home & hobo front: Hazel tried jar apples for breakfast and I bought 10 pounds organic to make a pie and some applesauce. The straightening of the studio nook- could be moving faster- but I'll take any bits or organization I can get. Might vere off the blog circuit for a few- I need to pick up some steam for packing,sewing and oh of course Hazel!
A new clutch:

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Zach Oat said...

I'm not smiling again! Sorry, it was really sunny. Great finds, honey. I can't wait to see what you do with the ET sheet!