Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our American Apparel shirt order has arrived! We chose some springy-happy colors for the kidlets & babes. Among our favorite colors was the grass, I even snagged an AA scarf in this color. I hope we'll be able to start printing these on Saturday.

Today I felt well enough to send my hubbie out the door with an egg & mushroom sandwich. Sometimes I'm not up in time or my tummy trouble keeps me from helping out in the morning. I've been up since a little before 5, with a load washing- I'm looking forward to the 70 degree weather!

I was disappointed that even after a call to the office yesterday, I still never heard back from my gastro doctor. His office said he'd call with results from my test on Thursday- I'll have to call again and try to get some answers. But unfortunately I was in major hyperventilation mode last night waiting for his call. Of course your mind wanders.. and sometimes this isn't a good thing. Determined to not think the worse, I took a hot bath then snuggled with my honey and some raspberry sorbet.
I've planted some of these throughout the yard:

and I can't wait to harvest the carrots

and basil!

Hope you enjoy the weather and have a great day!

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DeeJay said...

All will be fine. Love your day!