Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grab Yer Aprons

It is that time again- Spring Cleaning. I kind of feel like I'm always cleaning so the actual idea of "spring cleaning" is kind of new to me. With the first bat of warm weather, I beg Zach to drag out our bins of summery clothes and I begin washing them/seeing which still fit and which I just don't want out this year. However, this year I have some new ideas about how I want to manage our little space- because we're moving as you may have caught and things need to be in tip top shape!

One of the things I tackled this morning was my Etsy shop. I reorganized all the items, the categories and just added sale items to their regular category- rather than have a specific section for such things. I switched to a banner that I haven't used in awhile, updated all of our mailing info,our shop welcome and other little shopownery things. I also got rid of some fabric and craft books which were on sale- but weren't moving. To me it looks lighter, more coherent and refreshed and I didn't even need to put my apron on for this one!

I'm now enjoying by warm-tub incriments, SARKS's Bodacious Book of Succulence. I had read it in college- but wanted to relive her positive vibes and gorgeous spirit. The part I've come to which has always been so inspiring is her "Micromovements". The idea that you really can accomplish anything if you do it in a baby step. Think "What About Bob" with Bill steps to the door, etc. Only you want to really accomplish something here- aside from comedic laughter.
( Bikiniville Coffee Cuff- I love this ribbon it is just adorable, with the itsy bikinis and the style is bananas - oh How I can't wait for Rachel Zoe to return)

On My Micromovement
Master List I am planning to conquer the following things:
-My studio nook- arranging fabric in an inspiring- grabbing way- to heck with color coding- I need inspiration!
-The hella that is Hazel's massive clothing attack- hand-me-down central (which I do love) is just kinda out of control and needs to be tamed!
-Clearing a path- whether it is to the bed- the changing table-the couch- yup- all of these spots have excessive cluttered piles that need cleaning

So to get a little bit of help and support- I'll be following the other house mamas & papas and getting with the celebration. Let's Party with Simplemom from May 4th- 25th and get our clean on!
simple-mom-spring-cleaning-party. I love bringing out the summer clothes- it feels like shopping- only I've spent no money- What Fun!

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BusStopGirl said...

That we are both doing this cleaning week is awesome --- will be a great topic of conversation. The shop looks FABULOUS -- light and clean and ready for Spring!