Friday, May 1, 2009

Bob and Weave

Everything has some sort of pattern, a rhythm or routine- but we just don't notice it. As I am starting to understand this little kidlet's patterns,caring for her is getting easier in ways. However last night she woke at 1am,3am,5am and 6isham. After trying to let her lie in her crib for a bit- I came to terms with neither of us getting another wink and we went to the living room.

Yesterday was a day of days- I got a good amount accomplished- one of those things was putting down an easy-to-clean, play-mat/rug for Hazel. So this morning she happily played in her rain forest gym ( on the rug) while I happily finished 7 coffee cuffs- it was kind of amazing. I put a new Celtic Lullaby cd in and we both focused..her chewing,sucking and drooling- me snipping,pinning and stitching.

(terrible grey,rainy day- with no light)
No real plans for the weekend except the transfer of more furniture/clothing/randomness from the old-the new. Hazel is 5 months tomorrow which I am still amazed by every day and every month she grows.

I had hoped to get some screen printing of our new wee Snuggle Bunny screen under my belt- but considering I haven't placed an order for the clothing pieces- maybe next weekend. There is a lawn that needs cutting- some plants to be transplanted. The outside work never seems to be done- but I really enjoy it. I am grateful that my parents let us do so much in their yard. Helps us get ready for our own yard someday.

Happy Weekend xo

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