Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trying to Be Greener

A lot of what we do at Hobocamp is about trying to be greener. Reusing old fabric, vintage fabric, reworking items that may have been trashed -- trying to see the beauty in them. Sewing my coffee cuffs is so much fun b/c not a lot of fabric is needed to make a BIG statement. So, I can find a great piece of fabric from an old dress and make a unique & eco-friendly cuff. To try and be greener, we are offering a giveaway with the Trying to be Greener Blog. A great resource for environmentally friendly living. I've made 3 coffee cuffs from recycled skirts that will fit over travel mugs for extra greenness.
By checking out her blog and leaving a comment, you will enter yourself in the giveaway! It really is that easy.
Stay Green, Pony Boy.

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