Friday, May 8, 2009

This and That

Yesterday, I had my first endoscopy. Still trying to pinpoint my tummy woes. My throat still hurts, a lot. It hurts to swallow- which brings me to thinking of that old Chloraseptic throat spray. As a kid and now at a lesser rate- I was the queen of sore throats.. so Chloraseptic was always in the cabinet and I always loathed the taste of the spray and lozenges. I was amazed at how battered my body felt as the anesthesia started wearing off, I felt like I had been hit with a pound of bricks and I still feel that way in the wee hours of Friday morning. I didn't feel this bad after my delivery! I am so grateful Zach was able to work from home yesterday and today- because I need a little extra help and sleep.

Since learning of the wonderfulness of Google Reader, I have started subscribing to a ton of green sites. One new favorite is
Trying to Be Greener. She brings so many things to light and sometimes reminds me of issues I want to learn more about- but have forgotten due to mama brain. The New Dirty Dozen for Organic Foods. If you have a child or just want to live a safer and greener lifestyle check her out!

This Sunday will be my first Mother's Day, we'll be seeing my family and having a breakfast in the back yard. Today I need to run to Costco for various items to feed 20+ people. I already gave mom her gift- because I've never been good with holding onto gifts once I have them. I'm amazed I have been holding onto Zach's birthday gifts for so long.

Our weekend will be a low key one. Seeing family, maybe packing a few boxes- possibly searching for some other summery clothes in storage and maybe I'll get to plant some cilantro and pumpkins. The compost I started or um half-started has started to smell and grow mold.. which I know isn't good. We started creating so much to add to it- that I ran out of dirt to really cover it. Part procrastination and part lack of research- but with hopes- I'll have it whipped into shape- if possible.

New Coffee Cuffs in the shoppe and an order of organic onesies,tees and regular kids tops coming in from American Apparel. Be well, enjoy family, friends and the weather and Happy Mother's Day!

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Zach Oat said...

Hope you feel better soon. Get some sleep! And try to wait until my actual birthday to give me my presents.