Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Quiet Day

Well I haven't made a lot of progress with the studio- but I have been listing some new clutches and cuffs in the shop.

Tiny Detail on a new Owl Cuff- that still needs a name before listing.
Monday was spent at home~ gardening,listing some,thinking about baking banana bread and hanging diapers.

Some new cuffs. I have a line of extra special minky dot lined cuffs that will be out soon- they're very decadent and good for the environment too!

Something about stacks- stacks and piles of folded laundry, fabric and coffee cuffs that just make me smile. Visually pleasing and not bad to cure the inner procrastinating skeptic. " See I did do something today"!

Today will be spent getting something for my husband's birthday,listing some more items and trying to conquer baby clothes. It looks pretty nice out. I'm wearing my new favorite pair of yoga pants from American Apparel (under an old favorite skirt) with a Mother's Day gift to myself:
The color is perfect! We need some little things to brighten our day sometimes.

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Zach Oat said...

Beautiful coffee cuffs! I'm glad the crocs make you happy.