Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Baby Report

With 11 days and counting- I'm feeling a bit enveloped with anticipation of our first. Is this how most women are on arrival of their baby? I guess because I gained about 30ish pounds and have other visual/physical changes that make it impossible for me to ignore my current state.

Tuesday I started putting together our baby swing (Zach had to finish- b/c I was stumped by the terrible instructions guide). It is pretty rad and has an owl mobile attached. I'm sure there are things we requested on our registries that people don't need to raise a child- but as a former babysitter- the swing was always really helpful. My clumsiness was at an all time high yesterday- what with shattering a small crystal cake plate and breaking in 3 pieces (can be glued & salvaged) our mushroom cookie jar top.

Zach's lovely coworkers threw him a baby shower yesterday, which really touched us both. His bosses have been so understanding and just wonderful about the whole thing. They gave him 2 sets of wooden Marvel toys and about the cutest pair of Sketchers ever made! Then they took him out for Chinese food. I was so happy for him and glad one of us got to experience an office baby shower!

I've been making, making, making in little spurts. Up from 2:30-6:30am yesterday I pinned a bunch of holiday gifts for family & the shop. Then on my second shift I sewed them all together. I got a new shipment of organic lavender, from
Shakti Studios.I've been working on new ornaments, men's recycled ties- perfect for the male (or tie wearing mama) in your life. There will be a Shop Update later this week,

On the home front of crafting, I've been gathering materials to make a mobile to go over Hazel's crib. Birds of course will be our theme. I'm choosing felt, fleece and a few cottons in red, white & black. After a month or so they (who is they?- Dr. Sears) say babies can visually start to see other colors. So I'll make sure I can switch the birds out if need be. I'm using an embroidery hoop- 2 in fact. Surprisingly I googled "handmade bird mobiles" and didn't find a whole lot- nor could I find too many to use as a template. So I'm winging it :::: hee hee- a little bird humor! Our advent clothesline is growing as I added 4 more pieces- totaling 22- almost there!
Some goodies I'm working through:::::

Fresh fabrics, Amy Butler's new book and nursing butter- which I'm loving and want to eat.

:::::::::::::Cookie Update::::::::::::::::
Remember this little gal?

She went to the vet yesterday and is doing great! She's very spry- is eating like a little fiend and now weighs a pound and a few ounces! Cookie is about 6 weeks at this point and although those baby blues are now more of a Liz Taylor grey- she's super adorable, fast and alert.

Speaking of cookies- I'm still trying to decide what kind to make this year. Either way I am going to make the batches, freeze them in rolls and just slice & bake.I'll have to go nose around Martha Stewart's website for some recipes and ideas.
More pictures soon- I've been lazy when it comes to photographing my making spurts.
Have a great day!

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