Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday= 39 Weeks of Baby

Well Hazel is still surfing on my uterus(or head-butting)- when we met with our midwife on Friday- she did a check and said I wouldn't be going into labor the next day (Saturday)or this weekend. She recommended evening primrose oil and raspberry leaf tea.

39 Weeks

So I've been taking both and last night even tried the old wives tale about eating eggplant parmesan. To my surprise- I haven't gone into labor (that wasn't the surprising part- it supposedly takes 48 hours) but my stomach tolerated it! My can't-eat-a-normal-food-stomach tolerated a seedy veggie along with tomatoes and cheese?! I was in disbelief and so excited! This morning I pushed even more and ate regular cream cheese on a bagel and still I was fine! So of course by 9:30 in the morning I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Sunday- a week before my due date, than going a few towns over for a HUGE vanilla milkshake.

We did get milkshakes at Friendly's in our town- which I always forget about- but is quite the ice cream goldmine. It was the best vanilla shake I may have ever had.

I'm writing this having started it early this morning and finishing up this afternoon.
The pad we bought for the bassinet didn't fit- so it was back to the baby store..then we stopped at Target for a few small holiday gifts. So now I've finished 3 of the 7 children.. giving a little handmade and a little store bought. Plus I found 2 of the cutest sweatshirts for Hazel- for $2.48 each- I couldn't pass them up- and they're older sizes, which is what we need to stock up on.

Yesterday we did finally finish watching the birthing DVD we had started. Some parts we admittedly fast-forwarded through- well b/c I don't want to know EVERY little procedure involved- b/c it was making me a tad queasy. I finished the bird mobile and hung that along with the HAZEL letters we received from my in-laws.

The rest of this weekend and really the week(with it being so short) -aside from a vet visit for Hermione (shh she doesn't know) will be spent catching up on some napping,working on holiday gifts and just nesting before the arrival. Zach and I are spending out first Thanksgiving alone. I'm looking forward to a quiet little dinner- filled with some of our favorite foods- nibbled throughout the day.

I'm on to make some more food to stock in the freezer- have a good one.


Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous.... and so organised. Would love to see pix of the completed mobile.

DeeJay said...

Wow. Only a week. So hoping for a quick delivery filled with moments of laughter and love. Be well and get lots of rest.