Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Hazel, Mama is ready...

13 Days and counting!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So baby Hazel is yet to make an appearance. My main rush for her to arrive (other than obvious reasons) is that my tummy has been going haywire in the last week or so- when it had been stabilized- so I'm hoping this trouble will go away once she arrives.

My food cravings are at their strongest they've been my entire pregnancy- from egg salad sandwiches- Olive Garden- Popeye's chicken & rice bowls (yeah I'm a vegetarian) and I just can't eat these things
(some of it I really don't want to- but I feel like I'm starving!).

I guess it is just now a waiting game. I've set up appts with a few pediatricians this week- I know I'm a little behind- but I'm getting to it! There are just so many questions to ask about vaccines, raising a veggie kid (which we haven't yet decided on) but I'd like an open-minded doctor.

This past week I was able to kick out all of my custom orders- so I don't have anything to work on except gifts and a few requests from my husband and sister-in-law. But those I have already started.

Well I am going to try my best to make a tummy friendly- semi interesting dinner to night- wish me luck!


Island Travel Girl said...

Auntie is ready too. I will be there by your due date. I can't wait to meet you, and I am trying SO HARD not to bother your mommy.....but if I get there and you still haven't arrived, I am bringing all of my old wives tales with me to Get You Out !

Mel, I am so sorry your tummy is bothering you - this will be over soon, and I cannot tell you how wonderful you will feel with Hazel O.U.T.. Just imagine the deep breaths you will be taking, and lying on your tummy again ! (hug)

Christopher And Tia said...

I can't wait until I come to your blog for a few days in a row, and you haven't posted. That way I know you must be off delivering your gorgeous little baby girl!!!