Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pretending to Be Organized for the Holidays

I've always wanted a wreath like this. It just embodies the holidays to me. Cheerful- uses the bounty of the seasons- is natural and crafty at the same time.

The lovely wreath- can be made by you! Here.

So the other day I actually sat down with my laptop and a chai to create a Holiday Budget 2008- inspired by Simple Mom's post. I am a list master and I always write down what I want to make/buy/get people for the holidays- but this list focuses more on how much supplies will be and who is getting what.

I've decided for the many little faces I need to get gifts for this year, I will be customizing composition books.(luckily the little faces don't use the internet or read my blog) Why hadn't I thought of this before?! I make these journals for myself for everything finances-pregnancy. I found a good example
on Martha's site She also has adorable- downloadable stickers to write the owner's name & so on. There is also the cute idea of
using envelopes for secret messages, which I've done in the past. The little pockets are sweet to leave notes or stickers - something special.

To help me stay organized with running ideas and WIPs, I'll be using a clipboard. The clipboard I am going to use was my father's from work. He worked for the Water Company for 30+ years and used this clipboard everyday as it hung from his truck. I use to love when he brought the truck/van home. I'd climb into the high seat and just take everything in. The clipboard dangling from a metal hook, pencils, change and randomness. When you're a kid these little daily occurences are so simple- yet so dear and you don't realize when you're a kid to savor it. With that said all about a clipboard- When my father retired I took that and his old lunch box( which he doesn't know I hung on to- it has all of his union & USA stickers). I use the clipboard at all of my jobs to hold random papers together. The bottom where it is curved is so old and almost warped. But using it makes me happy.

Seeing pictures like this on Flickr I got the idea to collage over a clipboard from the talented, Jane's Apron. She has an etsy shop full of crafty lovelies.

I can only hope mine comes out as cute as these!
Have a great Tuesday!


Banana-head Pancake said...

a budget is a great idea for the holidays. I feel like lists and budgets keep me organized and in turn everything is more enjoyable and thoughtful because I'm not worrying!

Rosebud Collection said...

I try so hard to get organized, but something happens..no matter how many times I try, I fail..but I keep on trying..

Angelia said...

Clip boards are so great, I have used them for years. My son tells me I look like a cruise director since I am always carrying one around.