Saturday, November 8, 2008

debbie downer does a blue dress

(Caution to the Reader: This is slightly a downer post!)

I remember when I found out I was pregnant. One of the first people I called was my cousin Sharron. She's my older cousin and today she's getting married to a fun-rockabilly-punk in a kilt and I'm going to miss it.

Back in July (regular readers may remember) I started having weird tummy issues and after seeing 2 Gastro docs- one finally suggested a diagnosis of IBS. There isn't a whole lot of information on this subject regarding pregnancy, so I've been flying by on the edge of my seat. Plus neither doctor really knew what a person with IBS should be eating. (this website helps,

I've been looking forward to this day as her Matron-of-honor-but I just can't get it together. Up most of the night. I have the dress, which I've already told all close friends- whenever one of us is pregnant again- they're borrowing my blue dress and taking it out.

I know it will be so awesome- that is why I am really sad I won't be able to go. Plus the outfit I picked out for Zach is really fun. He'll be going- taking my parents, which is so sweet of him.

So, one day I'll tell Hazel all about the parties we missed and how it was just the beginning of my sacrificing things for our baby, which feels sore now- but I know is the right thing to do and will eventually become instinct. And what will become of me and baby? As long as I don't go into labor (almost everyone I know is on Long Island for the wedding!), couch crafts of course and I'll be watching the new kitten, Cookie for my parents and maybe I'll put that blue dress on and wear it around the house- just cause.

Whatever you're doing today- make it fun!
Shaz I love you- rock the day! xo


DeeJay said...

Bless your heart! Have fun no matter what and I say ROCK THAT DRESS today!

Island Travel Girl said...


Oh crap. (no pun intended). I am so sorry. I know how hopeful you were that you would be able to go to the wedding - and it totally sucks that your tummy is not cooperating.

Hazel, I think the time is nigh for you to make your grand entrance (and I am not just saying that for my own personal benefit, though I believe we do have an understanding of the timetable....)

But back to the dress. Yes, wear the dress. Wear it ALL WEEKEND. Wear it to Trader Joes. wear it with slippers around the house, wear it to get the mail, wear it to the hospital on your big day.

Wear It.

Oh, and can I send that maternity dress-up outfit I gave you to Kendra ? She is going to need it :) I am so excited for all of my girls, having their babies !

Christopher And Tia said...

If we lived closer, I'd make you all of my delicious gluten free soy free dairy free egg free fructose free everything free delicious dishes, and your tummy would never hurt again :)

Marilyn P. Sushi said...