Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Power of a List

I usually try to always grocery shop with a list in hand. However, since we've really been trying to stick to a budget and enter all of our receipts here I've stepped up the list by creating categories, saving it to our computer, printing it out when we go shopping and writing in what we need. I also use the receipts from the previous trip to calculate how much everything is and what we need. So I have a pretty good idea of what I'm spending. yesterday I made a quick trip to the market and was literally in there maybe 30 minutes including checkout. When I have a list- it's like tunnel vision. I'm not really looking for things that aren't on the list. Sort of like a scavenger hunt! Of course it takes the fun out of food shopping, but I'm gearing up for my eventual new- mom/new-baby shopping escapades.

The diapers air dried- I need to get some covers, I've been searching Etsy for options.It is a pretty confusing business. The thought of making them myself hurts my head.

::::::Now for something a little cute::::::

My parents adopted this little babe, they named her Cookie(like an Oreo. The vet said she is 4 weeks old. Apparently she is already using the litter box and enjoys climbing.. I warned you Mom- I tried to remind you! However my parents seem to be revitalized by this little girl and they're one-eyed cat, Bean is even learning to love Cookie.

:::Last night I made this little holiday pillow out of a single panel I had lying around::::

The back is made from a wool- vintage skirt. The skirt was an ILGWU, which kind of hurt to cut- however I'll save the tag ( b/c I'm obsessed w/ union-made vintage) and it was a size 4- so it would never have fit me.I'm happy I could use it to back a pillow for the holidays.

This fabric was given to me by a lovely crafty lady at Ursula & Olive

I also finally made something for one of my best friend's 30th. I feel terrible- her birthday was in September! We've been friends since we we're about 5. Pretty amazing. She lives in Massachusetts now with her lovely little family. Luckily I don't think she reads this!

A Holiday Girl Ornament(now in the shoppe) and a scarf to keep her toasty. I even tried to add highlights!

Today, (thanks to the caffeine-free Pepsi(they didn't have Coke) I had to have last night with dinner or the Swedish fish)- will be a day of couch-ridden crafts, kitty cuddling and naps. I think I've finally started getting Braxton Hicks contractions.. and the baby is kicking like a madwoman. My stomach is like a roller coaster! C'mon Hazel- come out already!
Happy Thursday Little Hobos!


lolasmom said...

If you're looking for diaper covers, might I suggest ArtsyFartsyFooFoo on Etsy. She makes a one-size diaper/cover and will custom make them for you.

Also, I love and I have a few posts about cloth diapers on my blog as well ( I love love love my cloth diapers!

Much luck to you!

Estela said...

omg I'm gushing over cookie over here!!! sooooo cute!

Island Travel Girl said...

Come on Hazel - you can do it !

I am so excited - I have two women here in island that are due the same week as you, and I am watching them VERY carefullly. So even though I am not there in person, I am here keeping up with things ! I just cannot wait to see you guys, and meet sweet Hazel.

Hazel, this is your official notice - December 10th is your absolutely deadline. Please plan accordingly ! Don't get too comfortable in there !


carmel said...

Beautiful creations! good luck with the baby :)

Christopher And Tia said...

Ooh braxton hicks are loads of fun aren't they?! Sometimes they stop me dead in my tracks at the worst time. Like when I'm checking someone out at work.

Cookie is cuuuuute. I used to have a cat named cookie. And a cat named Oreo now that I think about it, haha.

I was thinking about you yesterday. I was thinking about how Charlie is probably going to be here the day after Christmas (c-section, blah), and how I should move my big Christmas dinner to Christmas eve. And then I was thinking "I wonder if Hazel will come right on Thanksgiving", hehe. Our holiday babies.