Friday, November 28, 2008

BOGO Black Friday Sale!

After a full day of eating Tofurkey-cornbread stuffing-mashed potatoes-carrots and other delicious foods- I'm amazed there is still room for a bebe in my belly! With 2 days to go (technically) we're getting a little baby crazy here. So we decided to have a BOGO BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Visit our shop for some of the cutest- most unique coffee cuffs around. Made from a mix of vintage & new fabrics- super cute and perfect for a special little gift this year!

I'll be visiting my midwife today hopefully she'll be able to give us hope of an early or on-date-delivery. Zach read somewhere that many first-time-mamas go on an average 8 days after their due date. Disappointing- but what can I do?!

There will be some more holiday crafting over the next few days. The longer Hazel hides- I guess the more holiday gifts I'll be able to finish. We have no plans to visit the malls or stores. We went last weekend to pick up whatever store-bought items we needed. So now it is just up to us to get into create mode! We'll be listening to some of our favorite holiday/Christmas music- watch a few silly movies and have fun( and pretend we're not constantly thinking of the impending baby arrival).
Hope you do the same!

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