Saturday, November 15, 2008


I can check ice cream off my To Do List!

Last night we did a big cleaning- I've been anxious looking around the place thinking "what if I have to go to the hospital now?"- so I feel pretty good about leaving and the state of things. Of course it could be 20 days away- who really knows?!

Jasper and Zach did some Saturday- couch cozying, while I ran to the store to get the ice cream fixings and soy egg nog.

The past two days have been great days for mail! Yesterday I received my lovely fabrics from Hancock, my book
and my nursing butter. Using a lanolin-based ointment was recommended, however after reading about how a lot of lanolin is full of pesticides- I chose this instead. Plus when I used just natural- straight lanolin- the smell was a little overwhelming and the cats kept following me around the house! Then today both of the fleece soakers I bought arrived. I plan to make more- we have a good supply of regular disposable diapers from earth's Best & Seventh Generation to have on hand for the earlier days- till we get acclimated to all the wonderment of baby poo.

Tomorrow we have a dessert engagement with 2 other couples and a cute dog named Maddie. An apple crisp is in order! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 38 weeks tomorrow :)

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queenvanna said...

of course you know.... that if you don't blog/flickr/etsy for a day, we are gonna wonder if you went to have baby hazel!!! where aaaaaaare yoooou?!? =D