Friday, November 14, 2008

The Squeaky Wheel

We've all heard "The squeaky wheel- gets the oil"- my mom has said it to me my whole life. I never wanted to be the squeaky wheel- I guess because I do complain- but usually to people in my life who just listen and I don't expect anything in return.

But in the last few days and just the last year- I've noticed squeaky wheels- really DO get the oil. About 2 months ago we opened a savings account for Hazel at our primary bank. When we went in, the person who helped us was very nice and joked with us about his own children. Because the baby was still in my belly- we couldn't open it as a minor account, it had to be a regular savings.However, jokey guy never told us that when you open an account with less than $300.00 you'll be penalized $4.00 a month till you reach the $300, unless the account is for a child.( which we weren't able to do just yet) So when I checked the baby's account and saw that she was charged $4 I was really surprised. Poor kid- isn't even born yet and she's losing money!! I called the bank and requested the account be cancelled and the funds transferred. I would just open a free ING account. On saying this I was asked what could be done to keep this account? So I was offered the fee to be waved for several months till we reach $300 or once we can change the account into the baby's name and then it would be free regardless. Her account was also refunded the $4.00. It felt really good to get the $4.00 refund and to straighten the situation out. In all honesty- it was the fault of jokey guy (who happens to be the branch manager!!) he failed to tell us. But now we know to ask.

My second Squeaky Wheel moment was when purchasing organic white rice-(a HUGE staple in my IBS diet these days). We purchased 2 bags of it, got it home and noticed bugs in one of the bags. The other was fine- I went through it almost grain by grain. So we went to another shop a little closer and exchanged it (no problem) for another bag- which also had bugs in it ( but of course we didn't see them till we got it home)- how frustrating! I have to get to the store and RETURN this bag b/c I won't be buying this brand again for a while, but I wrote to the company. I explained spending the money, time and gas and I got a nice reply offering a $10 gift card for the specific store. Normally I may not have said anything and just been irritated- but giving a little squeak changed the situation.

I know I have other situations- but I won't bore you anymore! If anything these things taught me to speak up for myself.

In crafty land ventures, here are a few photos of wool & fleece soakers and our almost-finished advent clothesline as well as a new fallish tote I had to make for myself. Zach will fill the odd numbers and I the even.

P.S. I've been craving Cold Stone Creamery, which I've only had like 1-2 times. I of course can't enjoy it- somebody somewhere- eat a big bowl of it for me!
Have a great weekend getting cozy!


Jodi Renshaw said...

You go girl ... squeak away. Its not really "squeaking" though ... it is common sense stuff ... and you are making sure not to get "hosed". If we were all so diligent, WalMart would not exist ... because all they sell is crap, and they would forever be giving people their money back. I hate when people are so compliant that corporations can constantly pull the wool over their eyes. (Ok, Jodi, down from the soapbox....)

Well, i love the craftiness.


Loree said...

I really like EmigrantDirect (similar to ING), if you ever decide to go the online route. We actually keep our major savings in there and have been since we were in NY. Not only are there no fees and no minimums, but the interest/return is MUCH higher than what you get at typical brick-and-mortar banks more often than not. It's 3 percent vs., like, .1 percent, which I think is the average. AND! It's FDIC insured, so it's as protected as any other bank investment.

Ok, end spiel. I'm a nerd about this stuff. Here's a link if you guys are ever interested: