Monday, November 24, 2008

I've Been...

I've been a busy elf filling the shop with holiday cheer- New Snuggle Bunny shirts, aprons and some other surprises to come.

I've also been keeping this a secret::::::

I've also been busy eating. Finding my new appetite for foods I haven't been able to eat since- Oh July. Brownies ( made from a Trader Joe's mix) which are delicious- pasta- milkshakes - but little steps. Speaking of milkshakes, remember this guy?
Well- thanks to the screenprinting peeps at
Supastarr and by popular demand- we'll have a limited amount of screenprinted gems for the holidays:::: so if you're a milkshake drinker and missed them the first time- we should have some shortly. They'll be listed in our Hobocamp shop, rather than their original spot in Zach's 24/7 Magnum store.

A little nesting to share::::::: Here is the mobile I made and Zach hung for me..

It came out a little Series of Unfortunate Events-gothic with the black lace & rickrack- but that is one of my favorite series and movies- so I'm happy with that! These little birds are highly addictive and I have been stitching up a few a day to add to holiday packages.

Well I had another adventure today and I'm also having some slight contractions- but I'll save it for another day.
I'm going to try to make Everyday Food's baked sweet potatoes with maple sour cream for dinner. Wish me luck-


Anonymous said...

love the mobile... and Im sure hazel will be entraced also. You have been really busy!! WOW....fingers crossed your contractions develop further.

Kathleen said...

Congrats on the Etsy interview! :D (And yay for jobs that you can do while wearing jeans!)

I love the seahorse apron, and the mobile. I love the Series of Unfortunate Events books, too, so semi-gothic decor for babies seems like a perfectly good idea to me.